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Angkor by Bike

Explore the Angkor Archaeological park on two wheels

from $45

Angkor Wat | Bayon | Angkor Thom | Baphoun

Elephant & Leper King Terrace | Royal Palace|

Ta Nei | Ta Prohm | 

Departs 7am - Returns 4.30pm

Reasonable fitness required

Approx 25-30km of cycling

Expect warm humid weather

You must hold a valid temple pass

Note Temple Dress Code

Angkor by Bike

Our day begins directly from your hotel where your guide quickly leaves Siem behind, taking the back roads to enter the UNESCO listed Angkor Archaeological park.  We cycle through small villages and the hidden trails within the Angkor complex to visit some secret and less visited temples along the way.  


Exploring by bike allows you to soak up the incredible atmosphere of the temples, where tall trees make way for temple ruins.  The sights and sounds of the jungle are beautiful and your guide will share their knowledge of the incredible environment with you.  


Lunch is enjoyed in the Angkor Park, allowing you time to take in the incredible experience.  Our day will include around 25-30km of cycling broken up with regular temple visits and rest spots at points of interest along the way.


We visit the iconic temples of Ta Prohm, Bayon and of course Angkor Wat


  • Please let us know at the time of booking if you require a vegetarian meal

  • Water is provided throughout the tour

  • Lunch at local restaurant 

What to Wear

The sandy soil on the steps of the temples can create quite a slip hazard.  We strongly suggest you wear sturdy footwear.  Many parts of the temple areas are exposed, please wear protective clothing, hat and sunscreen.

  • Strict Dress Codes are applied when visiting Angkor Wat - access to upper levels will not be granted if shoulders or knees are exposed.  You must cover up with clothing items - a scarf or sarong will not be accepted.

  • Cambodian culture is conservative and revealing clothing is not appropriate for the temples.  Please be respectful of Cambodia's culture and avoid wearing anything too revealing.

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