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Proudly Giving Back

A new kind of tourism

Every visitor has an impact. Why not make yours a positive one?

We are committed as a tourism operator to ensure we provide experiences that improve the livelihood, environment and future for all.

Two Cambodian sisters walk to school. Both are wearing their blue and white school uniforms, they are smiling, and holding hands

HUSK Cambodia

Proudly established & supported by the owners of Beyond Unique Escapes, & Mango Journeys  HUSK is a Cambodian registered NGO working to improve the lives of families living in Kompheim and Treak villages in Siem Reap Cambodia.

Our businesses financially support HUSK through direct donations of a percentage of profits, provision of free business support & facilitating customer donations. Mango and Beyond has also created specific tours that provide ongoing income to villagers and their communities.

HUSKs core focus is working with the communities in Treak and Kompheim villages located in Siem Reap province Cambodia. Our philosophies are simple and they centre around helping people to improve their lives and create opportunities for a brighter and healthier future.

A female teacher at the HUSK school is holding up a flash card


HUSK's programs include

Free education for over 500 students every week

Housing for vulnerable families

Income generation for adults

Dental Programs through Global Dental Relief

& much much more

Find out more here

A female teacher at the HUSK school is holding up a flash card
2018_11 GDR Cambodia Clinic 12 008.jpg

Global Dental Relief

Beyond is extremely proud to partner with Global Dental Relief, providing world class free dental care to thousands of children in Cambodia every year.


For more information on Global Dental Relief's incredible work in Cambodia and their world wide programs click here

Two monks one holding an umbrella walk towards a temple with a large stone spire

Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is the responsibility of both travellers and tourism operators.  There are some wonderful resources available to enable you to find out more information about how you can be a Responsible Visitor to Siem Reap and beyond.

While there are scams and things as a visitor that you need to be aware of, it’s also important to recognise that there are some incredible organisations doing some amazing work.  Don’t be discouraged, find out about ways that you can help, things to avoid while here and how to be a responsible visitor:

Top Responsible Travel Tips

1. Remember you are a visitor, learn about the local people and their culture and be respectful

2. Please don’t give money to beggars especially children – If you wish to make a donation do so through a reputable organisation

3. Don’t visit an orphanage – Learn more about why visiting an orphanage is not a good idea

4. Be aware of common scams, buying milk powder for babies, books for schools, etc very rarely help the people you are intending to

5. Don’t hand out lollies or money, it only leads to poor dental hygiene or jealousy within the village

6. Think about the practices that you support – Be aware of attending dance performances late at night where children perform.

There is lots of information available on how you can look after and help protect local people, their culture and the environment – Do some research before you come and find out what role you can play.

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