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Traditional Water Blessing

A beautiful Cambodian ritual

from $37

Preah Dak Village | Banteay Samre | Chao Srey Vibol | Beng Melea

Departs 7am - Returns 4.30pm

Reasonable fitness required

You must hold a valid temple pass

Note Temple Dress Code

Traditional Water Blessing

Water blessings are a traditional Cambodian practice that date back to ancient times, but are still very much a part of daily life.   Water Blessings are often used to put an end to misfortune, to stop bad luck or to ask for good luck for the future. Journey to Wat Arang pagoda in the countryside just south of Siem Reap. your guide will take you through the Pagoda, sharing the role they play today and historically in Cambodian lives.  

Receive a traditional Cambodian water blessing of your own.  

Choose from 2 forms of blessings from the monks living at the pagoda. The first begins with the monks chanting harmoniously as they wish you good luck, safe travel, and a long life. It is accompanied by a light sprinkling of water. The second is a longer ritual which involves vessels of blessed water being poured over your head while the monks chant, for this ritual, you will be provided with a sarong to change into so that your clothing remains dry.

At the end of the blessing, your wrist is adorned with special red ties that signify the blessing performed.

Blessings are a common practice for either ending a run of bad luck, or for asking for good fortune.


Duration: 2 hours approx.
Pick-up: Tuk Tuk transport from your hotel
Inclusions: Hotel pick-up, English speaking guide, Pagoda Visit, Water Blessing
What to Wear
Please refrain from wearing revealing clothing in villages & pagodas.  If you opt for the full traditional blessing you will be doused in water.  A sarong is supplied.

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