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Day in a Life

Get off the tourist trail and explore hidden gems

from $45

Kompheim Village Siem Reap

In conjunction with HUSK Cambodia

Departs 7am - Returns 4.30pm

Reasonable fitness required

Please observe dress code

Please note rules re gifts / handouts

Please be mindful of photography

Day in a Life - Experience a true slice of village life

Step off the tourist trail and step into village life.  Join a local family for the day, learn about village life and take part in their daily activities.  Rural life revolves around the seasons so what you do will depend on when you visit.  Activities may include rice planting or harvesting in the dry season, you may learn how to make roof thatch or how to make local palm sugar wine.

Our Day in a Life tour partners with HUSK Cambodia and supports village projects and assists local families to earn an income. 

Your guide will take you though the village giving you insight into the community and local life. Enjoy an OX cart ride through the Sugar Palm trees and rice fields and lunch in the village.

This full day experience is a great way to learn about village life in Cambodia, meet some wonderful people and create memories to last a lifetime.


  • Transport to and from the village

  • Guided experience

  • Lunch

  • Water

  • OX cart ride

  • Visit to the HUSK community Centre

  • Visit to the local pagoda

What to Wear

Cambodian culture is conservative and revealing clothing is not appropriate for the temples.  Please be respectful of Cambodia's culture and avoid wearing anything too revealing.


General Information

By participating in this tour you agree not to hand out gifts, money or any donations directly to community members. Providing gifts can cause problems within the village and jealousy among families and relatives. Should you wish to help please discuss with our team.

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