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Hike the Temples

Get off the tourist trail and explore hidden gems

from $50

Angkor Wat | Bayon | Ta Prohm | Angkor Thom | Baphoun | Elephant & Leper King Terraces  | Preah Palilaya | & more

Departs 5am - Returns 4.30pm

Note - Departure times will vary according to the time of year when you visit. This time will be confirmed when you book.

Reasonable fitness required

You must hold a valid temple pass

Note Temple Dress Code

Hike the Temples

We start the day before dawn heading from your hotel to Angkor Park.  We enter through the quiet East gate where your guide will slowly lead you toward the temple sharing its history before guiding you to a perfect spot where you can sit and enjoy the incredible moment of the sun rising over Angkor Wat.


Following sunrise, your guide will take you across the causeway and into Angkor Wat itself.  We start with a visit to the incredible carved gallery walls adorned with images that your guide will bring to life.


From Angkor we depart from the ancient city of Angkor Thom, where we walk 3 kilometres along the old city walls finding a quiet spot to enjoy your packed breakfast.



Explore Bayon adorned in carved stones faces, walk to Baphoun and visit the Ancient royal palace compound, Preah Palilaya, and the Elephant terrace.


After a full morning’s exploration escape the heat and head back to the hotel for lunch and a break, before we head back out to continue our afternoon explorations


3:30pm We return back to the Archaeological Park and commence our afternoon explorations at the incredible Ta Prohm temple. Ta Prohm stands shrouded in gigantic silk-cotton trees, there roots interlocked with the ancient stones. This site is home to where  the Lara Croft Tomb raider movie was filmed.



We hike through the beautiful jungle paths to the small and beautiful Ta Nei temple and visit the French dam.


Throughout the day your local guide will bring to life and share with you the incredible beauty and history of the protected UNESCO sites and the surrounding nature and people

What to Wear

The sandy soil on the steps of the temples can create quite a slip hazard.  We strongly suggest you wear sturdy footwear.  Many parts of the temple areas are exposed, please wear protective clothing, hat and sunscreen.

  • Strict Dress Codes are applied when visiting Angkor Wat - access to upper levels will not be granted if shoulders or knees are exposed.  You must cover up with clothing items - a scarf or sarong will not be accepted.

  • Cambodian culture is conservative and revealing clothing is not appropriate for the temples.  Please be respectful of Cambodia's culture and avoid wearing anything too revealing.​

General Information

  • Please let us know at the time of booking if you require a vegetarian meal

  • Water is provided throughout the tour

  • Lunch at local restaurant 

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