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Income Generation Project

Get involved in helping local women earn an income and support their families

Get your school or team involved in a project that builds brighter futures
Plan - Create - Market - Support

Work directly with an incredible group of women who share a goal - for their children to complete school.  Through this program you can work with the Work as a team to identify a product that you can create and sell. You will work directly with the Softies team on design, prototypes and creations

Prior to arriving in Cambodia students work to design a product either for your school or community that they will produce with local village women. This process can be quite in-depth and involve business and financial planning or we can assist in simplifying this step.

In Cambodia your group will work with the local team of village women to finalise the design, choose fabrics and produce an approved prototype.

Your product is then produced locally providing jobs for local women and finally shipped to you.

Projects  completed to date include lap top bags, iPad covers, pencil cases, tote bags, wallets, library book bags soft toys and more.

Minimum order required for this project is $500 USD

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