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So you think you can Sew!

Work with one of the wonderful Softies Ladies to create your own Tote Bag

from $40 per person

Kompheim Village in partnership with HUSK

Allow 3 hours

Suitable for everyone.  No sewing skills required. Includes a short village tour.

Please wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees in the village.

Village Sewing Experience

Join one of the HUSK village sewing ladies in creating your very own eco bag.

Head out to Kompheim Village and meet the incredible Softies Team, learn about village life and how they are working to earn an income to enable their children to complete school.

You will work directly with one of the team to cut and sew your very own eco bag.  Laugh, learn a little Khmer along the way and help support these women to earn an income. 


Tucked away in a small rural village is a group of incredible women who are working to keep their children in school and provide them with opportunities they never received. Journey out to the local village and enjoy a short guided introductory walk. This is a chance to learn a little about the community this project supports. From here you will meet the Softies ladies and learn about the work they do.  After a quick language lesson you will work directly with one of the women to create your own eco friendly shopping tote bag.  Be prepared to laugh and learn and take home a great reminder of your Cambodian adventures.


  • Transport

  • Mini Guided Village Tour

  • Sewing Project

  • Your very own tote bag to take home

What to Wear

  • Cambodian culture is conservative and revealing clothing is not appropriate for the temples or village areas.  Please be respectful of Cambodia's culture and avoid having shoulders or knees uncovered

  • We recommend sturdy footwear

  • Sun protection recommended.


Transport Options

Transport options will vary according to the. number of people booking and will either be via tuk tuk, car or van.

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